Thursday, August 18, 2011

Temubual Bersama Pep Guardiola


Semalam, selepas perlawanan 2nd leg Supercopa, sambil tunggu sahur, aku call manager Barcelona jap untuk ditemubual, so, ini hasilnya.

Aku : Hello peppo

Pep : Yes, ohh how are you man ? miss you lahh

Aku : Whatever mung natang

Pep : hahhh ?

Aku : Nothing, just wanna ask a few question, can aa ?

Pep : orite, faster, gonna get on stage, my oscar award man. Best Film Director of the year

Aku : okay, what the hell u'r team playing ? what a boring game

Pep : thats us, acting-acting and acting, that is the secret behind our succcesses

Aku : Waaadeeefakkkk

Pep : Shhhhhh, don't tell anybody laaa, this is our secret, if anybody knew it, no more trophy for my team. Just wanna help Fabregas maa. He's only got one trophy.

Aku : Whatever lahh mung natang

Aku pon letak phone

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