Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dari Mata Seorang Penyokong

Dari brader Manoharan :

For a country that had produced luminaries such as Jamal Nasir, M.Chandran, Bawandi Hiralal, Soh Chin Aun, Santokh Singh, D Devandran, Ismail Ibrahim, Wan Jamak,Kamaruddin etc it was really shameful to see our current defenders dish out such sloppiness.

Coach Raja has to do some soul searching to see how best to stop the leaks. The current defenders, from my observation, have never been comfortable even when we won the gold at the Sea Games/ Suzuki Cup. They were always suspect under pressure but somehow managed to hold on.But, tonite Singapore laid bare the truth and fully exposed our weakest link.

They appeared to be a confused bunch. Poor positional play, failure to neutralise the opponents aerial power, poor communication and aimless clearances was there for everyone to see.We need a commanding figure at the back.
It would be better for coach Raja to revamp the current defenders with the backline that played against Liverpool.

But all is not lost, we shall prevail at BJ provided we plug the leaks.Midfield and forwards are ok.If Norsharul recovers in time, we have enough firepower to overcome the 2 goal deficit. It appears "Sudah Tentu" Richard Scully did not do a good job in his spying mission....S'pore's midfield won the game for them and yet "Sudah Tentu" Richard Scully had the gall to say we could nick it this time at Jalan Besar.


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